Funds Raised

School Christmas cards are an excellent fundraising project for a school and our free school Christmas card project is free to organise. Our school Christmas cards a great value for money at just £3.75 for each pack of twelve school Christmas cards.

When organising any school fundraising project obviously the main question is, how much money can we make? Parents can buy a pack of cards for £5.00 each, you can purchase the packs of cards from us for £3.75 each, price includes VAT and delivery.

You can use our profit calculator below to calculate the profit you can make from your school Christmas cards. Just fill in the number of packs you will sell, our school Christmas card profit calculator will workout the money you will make for your school.

If your school has 150 pupils and you receive 100 orders, your school will make £125.00 profit from the sale of your school Christmas cards. We find that parents will buy a pack of cards so that they can send their childs school Christmas card design to family and friends, parents can buy multiple packs of school Christmas cards.

The more packs of school Christmas cards that are sold will increase the money that you will raise.